About Us

About Us

I’m an environmental scientist, adjunct instructor, life coach, speaker, author, and founder of the Seun Akinlotan Network.
I grew up in Abeokuta (aka Rock City) Ogun State, Nigeria where I watched my mom defy the odds to maximize her potential, achieve extraordinary feats and live her best life. Her tenacity, gracefulness, and results made a huge impression on me and inspired me to develop a lifelong goal of living beyond the ordinary.
In 2015, I launched the Seun Akinlotan Network (formerly known as OSBS), a personal development and leadership platform for women where destinies are shaped and lives are transformed.
I’m also the convener of The Power Woman Experience, an annual story-telling conference that educates empowers, and elevates power women around the world.
As a John Maxwell certified coach, teacher, and speaker, I focus on topics related to leadership, personal development, and financial independence for women.
In my personal life, when I’m unengaged with teaching, writing, or coaching, I’m preoccupied with cooking, biking, reading, or attending a class.

Seun Akinlotan is an exceptional leader who has been graced by GOD to understand people of various temperaments. She understands her call to serve and she does that to the very best. She is a major blessing in my life and the lives of several other women alike. She truly desires women to be independent and enjoy a good life all around. The highlight for me is her humility, genuine love for others, and her giving spirit. I used to think I was a giver till I met her. You cannot be around Seun Akinlotan and not succeed, Again, I say, she is a great blessing to this generation.

Tolulope Oluwole

Seun Akinlotan is an exceptional and intentional leader. She has been graced to bring out the gold in everyone who comes under her professional coaching and mentoring services. She has raised thousands of women who have no clue of what business and leadership is, into successful businesswomen and leaders. She is a diligent leader who is filled with the spirit of excellence. She doesn't just work alone; she wants her work and that of her mentees to produce generous and fruitful results. She is a woman of honor and a respectable leader. I am glad to call her a mentor and I am always eager to collaborate with her on any project I have as this means excellence and absolute professionalism. She is indeed a woman of success and excellence and her hands are blessed!

Oluwatosin Arodudu

The name Seun Akinlotan is synonymous with a brand, a great brand at that. Graceful, amiable, patient, and intelligent. Great combination!

Titilayo Izuagie

Seun Akinlotan is a phenomenal, balanced, and principled woman who is passionate about positively impacting everyone around her. She has consistently poured herself into people and has built a tribe of wholesome women. She pursues excellence and the impossible is nothing to her. If I had the opportunity to choose a life coach again, I'd pick her over and over.

Omotola Ajayi


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